water fasting

Water Fasting Round Four & Healing Updates – Health Article

Hello my loves! Happy Friday! I am hoooome from my recent water fast, and I am truly mind boggled that in just a few days it will be June. I feel like I have been living in a time warp, especially because for a total of 32 days during this quarantine I was away at the fasting center dedicated to healing Lyme, mold, and co-infections in my body. I was fasting on either juice or water for about 28 of…

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Sunday Evening Musings + Healing Musts – Health Article

Happy Sunday evening! I wanted to write this tonight for anyone else who isn’t into watching the Super Bowl and is just perusing the internet while your significant other / friends / family are watching the game… like me. ???? When I first started blogging these posts were what it was all about for me, and I want to get back to those this year. Just sharing when it’s EASY and spilling what’s on my mind. So let’s set the…

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