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Ascorbate Vitamin C: The Amazing Bone and Body Protector – Health Education Article

Few molecules are more abundant in healthy human cells or play a more important role in supporting bone and total body health than ascorbate (vitamin C).  When the Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi identified the long-sought-after molecule that prevented death from scurvy, he named it “ascorbic acid,” meaning without scurvy. This compound was found to be the same as the compound discovered earlier in the century, which Casimir Funk had called a “vitamine” because, like other trace factors in the diet, you die if you don’t consume it. He was studying diseases such as beriberi, pellagra, and…

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DE-TOX Diet is Not a Lifestyle (Myths And Facts) – HealthBulk – Health Article

The only truth is that our body never gets used to toxic substances, although you consume sugars and extremely refined products daily and you think “nothing will ever happen to me” I assure you that you suffer at least three of the following symptoms: Headaches Digestive problems (including heaviness and swelling) Overweight Stress and chronic fatigue Bad mood Dull skin and body dryness Acne Premature aging They are clear signs of intoxication and worse, they are symptoms to which we…

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5 Health Benefits of Avocados – The Health Look – Health Article

Avocado – a fruit or a vegetable? “Avo-vaavos” as my nephew says is indeed a fruit and is categorized as a single seeded green colored berry, with its umami taste and high fat content. 1.  Why Avocados Are Good for Weight Loss? On average an avocado contains 200 calories of this 140 – 170 calories (70% – 85% of total calories) consists of fat. There are two types of fat monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, avocados consist of monounsaturated fat. Studies have…

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