Primal+Keto Cooking Made Easy: Chimichurri – Health Article

Today Lindsay’s here sharing one of her favorite keto-friendly sauces—chimichurri. One of the best ways to keep your keto eating varied and flavorful is to experiment with great tasting sauces. Chimichurri is one the most versatile choices as well as one of the easiest to adapt to you own personal tastes. In less than five minutes you can have a double batch ready for the week ahead. Enjoy! Chimichurri Servings: 4 Prep Time: 5 minutes Cook Time: none Ingredients: 1/2…

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Relish the bounty of summer | Health Beat – Health Article

Farmers markets offer a great opportunity to introduce your kids to new types of fresh fruits and vegetables. (For Spectrum Health Beat) The growing season is here—and that means it’ll be easier than ever to get your fill of fresh fruits and vegetables. But only if you keep seasonal fare top of mind. Spectrum Health dietitian Caren Dobreff has plenty of tips to help you and your family make the most of summer produce. It could pay off in your…

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Keto Kale Avocado Gazpacho (+ a Giveaway!) – Health Article

Cool summer fare means more than just Big-Ass Salads. Nothing is off the table, including soup—particularly gazpacho. A perfect summer classic, this gazpacho recipe is a keto lovers dream: loads of flavor and lots of healthy fats, thanks to the goodness of extra virgin avocado oil. Plus, we gave this dish a spicy kick and cool boost with Medlie’s Organic Kale Avocado Drink. Add jalapeno peppers, garlic and cilantro, and you’ll love this tasty starter soup or full course meal.…

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