Skin Swelling Is A New Symptom Of Coronavirus – Health Article

With every passing day, people are coming across new signs of the coronavirus. Recent research has shown that the coronavirus has an adverse effect on human skin. Some Spanish dermatologists say that they have seen many unusual symptoms in the skin of patients suffering from COVID-19. Also, asymptomatic patients can be identified by such marks seen on the skin. Superficial skin swelling is like temporary edema on the skin surface. The reason for this can be many. The most common…

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What Does it Mean When Your Joints Hurt? 7 Classic Signs of Joint Inflammation – Health Article

It is significant to keep your joints in good shape. With inflammation in them, it is hard even to walk, lie down, sit, grab something, or do many other basic things because of agonizing pain. To survive for the whole day, a person often needs lots of painkillers, such as the over the counter Naproxen. Therefore, you should know what the signs of joint inflammation are so that you could spot the symptoms early and get the treatment as soon…

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Bursitis: When unbearable inflammation strikes – Health Article

Bursa is a sac that is filled with fluid found between the tissues of the muscles, bones, skin, and tendons. The role of the bursa is to provide lubrication to help reduce rubbing, friction, and irritation between these areas. Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa. This inflammation can be caused by impact to the area, sudden injury, or overuse repetitive motion (painting, carpentry, throwing, tennis, and golf). This condition is also age related because as we get older, the…

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