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4 Surprising Health Benefits of Owning a Pet – Health Article

Enthusiastic greetings, comforting cuddles and unconditional love. The idea that pets are good for our mental health isn’t new. But it turns out there are some surprising physical health benefits for sharing your house with a furry friend as well. Andrew Pons Back in the late nineteenth century Florence Nightingale noted that patients gained pleasure simply from the presence of a bird. Such early observations have snowballed into years of research into the effect of pets and animals on human…

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Vitamin B3 May Help Those Living With Parkinson’s Disease – Health Article

A study by researchers at the University of Leicester has found that those who suffer from certain forms of Parkinson’s disease may benefit from increasing their vitamin B3 intake. According to the study’s lead researcher Dr. Miguel Martins, Parkinson’s disease occurs when dopaminergic neurons in a part of the brain called the substantia nigra are lost. This, he says, can happen for a variety of reasons, but in some hereditary cases the problem is unhealthy mitochondria (organelles that power our…

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