I Beg You, Stop Vaping. – Health Article

I know that there have been quite a few blogs about vaping recently (and you may be sick of reading about this in the news), but I’m writing this as a request from several parents and patients. Even as I write this, I’m sitting in a meeting getting briefed on the most recent cases of lung injuries related to vaping.  I am receiving multiple calls and patient questions daily about this. This is an ongoing thing, and each day it…

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The lesser of two cancer causing evils – Health Article

While both cigars and cigarettes contain tobacco, there are some differences between these two forms of smoking. The obvious, visible difference is that a cigar is wrapped in leaf tobacco, while a cigarette is wrapped in paper that does not contain tobacco. In general, cigars are bigger, more expensive, last longer and thicker, and have more tobacco. Regardless, both types can cause cancer. One cigar can contain as much tobacco as one pack of cigarettes, which is close to 200…

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The Financial Benefits of Quitting Smoking – Health Education Article

It’s a habit that many of us want to be rid of, however, according to the latest NHS statistics, almost 15% of adults in the UK are still classified as smokers. It’s no doubt an incredibly tough habit to kick, and despite the various warnings about the negative affects it can have on our health, many people still find the allure of cigarettes too much to walk away from. There is, however, another major factor which could sway people to…

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