5 DIY Natural Homemade Shampoo- Tips for Thickening DIY Shampoo – Health Education Article

Natural or DIY homemade products are always safe and beneficial with a comparison to commercial products, no matter what you are preparing and for which specific purpose. This golden rule applies to the DIY natural homemade shampoo recipes and tips as well. Everyone wants thick, bouncy and lustrous hair, don’t you? We are absolutely sure the answer is a big YES. So do you want to spend your hard-earned money throughout your life for getting the desired shine and beauty…

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Allergies and allergy testing – Health Article

Allergic? Often the solution which gets overlooked when suffering from something: it could be as simple (or complicated) as being allergic to something you eat or a product you use. Whenever we feel off colour, not quite right, or downright awful (mentally and or physically) we initially try to self-diagnose, we put it down to something. I am stressed and tired, I have a cold, I am run down, I’m not sleeping well, I haven’t been exercising enough, etc. We…

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