Healing the Gut–will new AI technology make your MD obsolete? – Health Article

“So, I want to give you a sense of the amount of data that you can get from a single sample, right? If I get stool sample and go through the lab process and generate the data that corresponds to that one sample, it’s several gigabytes of data. In fact, if you think about it as the number of books that you might want to read or something, in one sample there’s the equivalent of a public library’s worth of…

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Contagious Cancer and the Modern Zombie Genre – Health Article

Immortal cancerous lifeforms including the infamous He-La cell and the A-549 cell line as well as others are the real modern zombie horror show that many have never heard of. This is because the situation may be far scarier than any movie. Immortal He-La cells are human cancer cells propagated in a lab that live forever given the right conditions and are very hard to control. Having a prion-like capability of floating on a grain of dust or adhering to…

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