A call for bike lanes – Society for Public Health Education – Health Education Article

This morning, I read this article and I thought this would be of interest to all public health practitioners and advocates. I hope this stirs some to act. A 17-year-old young man on his bike was struck by a car yesterday in Bethesda, Maryland and died of his injuries. There were no bike lanes so the kid was forced to ride on the sidewalk. He fell off his bike on the sidewalk after hitting a trash can. When he fell,…

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Know Before You Mow: What You Need to Know About Lawn Mower Safety – Health Article

Warm weather is here and that means lawn mowing season is in full swing. While it seems like a routine house chore, lawn mowing can pose danger for kids and adults. Take a minute to review the dangers that we need to be aware of to keep our kids safe. Lawn mowers are the #1 cause of traumatic amputations in children. In Wisconsin alone, it is predicted that 1-2 children will be injured by…

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Cannabis is medicine — don’t make it taste good – Harvard Health Blog – Health Article

Most of the clinical fiascos I’ve seen and heard about associated with cannabis consumption have involved the use of cannabis edibles, going back to the days when two bohemian college roommates visited Amsterdam, took two “space cakes,” waited 30 minutes, took two more, and spent the next 20 hours clinging to each other and hiding in the closet. I asked, “How was Amsterdam?” In unison, they replied, “We don’t know.” I was surprised recently to be accused of “reefer madness”…

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Burn Dangers in the Kitchen – Health Article

It’s National Burn Awareness Week and our Burn Center wants to help you prevent burns. Scalds were the most common injury for children in the Burn Center in 2018. One place where scalds and burns happen is the kitchen. As children grow, they like to try out their independence. And that may mean trying to “help” mom or dad in the kitchen. Keep kids safe in the kitchen with these tips to avoid accidental burns:…

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