Living in the shadows of domestic violence – Society for Public Health Education – Health Education Article

When I was a child, we never discussed spanking. We received them and were never to challenge them. It was what was to be expected if you did something wrong or did not do what you were supposed to. I remember my mother or grandmother saying, “Pick a switch and I mean a tender green one with leaves.” That meant for me to go out to the weeping willow tree and get a small long branch for my whipping. I…

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Burn Dangers in the Kitchen – Health Article

It’s National Burn Awareness Week and our Burn Center wants to help you prevent burns. Scalds were the most common injury for children in the Burn Center in 2018. One place where scalds and burns happen is the kitchen. As children grow, they like to try out their independence. And that may mean trying to “help” mom or dad in the kitchen. Keep kids safe in the kitchen with these tips to avoid accidental burns:…

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