Pastelón – Cook For Your Life – Health Article

Pastelón this healthier version cuts the fat but keeps the flavor Servings: 12 Prep time: 20 Total time: 60 minutes Cuisine: Latino, Healthy Latino This delicious Pastelón is a total crowd-pleaser. It is a healthier version of the traditional Latino Holiday classic and cuts the fat but keeps the flavor. This version uses homemade sofrito to build amazing flavor, while raisins and alcaparrado give it a deliciously sweet and salty tang. Instead of the usual beef, we’ve used ground turkey.…

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Easy Grape Tart – Cook For Your Life – Health Article

Grape Tart Servings: 6 Prep time: 20 This easy grape tart is a truly simple winter treat. It’s incredibly basic. All it is is shortcrust pastry pressed into a baking sheet and filled with halved grapes that have been tossed in sugar and cornstarch. It may seem counterintuitive to cook grapes, but their sweetness becomes deliciously concentrated when they are baked or roasted, making this an… This is only a snippet of a Health Article written by Ann Ogden Read…

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