8 Most Effective Tips to Lighten Facial Spots: Types of Facial Spots – Health Education Article

The skin color of a person is determined by the pigment known as melanin. People who have lighter skin tones have comparatively lower strength of melanin pigment in their skin cells with a comparison to people with darker skin color. However, the problem occurs when your skin develops uneven skin tone means darker spots in certain areas and in remaining places you have normal skin tone. This especially happens because the affected area gets hyperpigmented due to the excessive production…

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What type of Acne do you have? – The Health Look – Health Article

Acne originates from the Greek work “akme” which means a point or a spot. Acne is a very common skin condition affecting a mix of population including teens and adults. Though it is not lethal, having acne can lower one’s self esteem. It is generated when the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands) situated at the very end of the hair follicles are seen to be overactive. In very simple words, skin cells along with oil and hair clump up together.…

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Acne / Hydrocolloid Patches – The Health Look – Health Article

How do these patches work? These are small, adhesive patches that absorb pus and oil from  acne blemishes. Provide a healing, moist environment. Protect the area from bacterial contamination by lowering the pH levels thereby creating an acidic environment. Deliver active ingredients such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil, both of which are very effective in acne treatment. How to use? Cleanse your face and gently pat your face with a facial tissue / face towel. Apply the patch…

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