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What Healthcare Can Learn from Beauty Brands About Influencer Marketing – Health Article

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in the WEGO Health arsenal. Connecting patient influencers with life sciences companies can drive impressive results, not just in terms of ROI, but in building trust.  Our ability to help our clients successfully navigate the rapidly-changing influencer marketing landscape is made easier by having experts on our team who know the space well. People like Shannon Meskouris, our Patient Leader Network Recruitment Manager.  Before joining WEGO Health, Shannon worked in social media, PR, and…

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It’s Time to Make a Bigger Dent: WEGO Health’s Reinvention – Health Article

Every company reinvents itself. Sometimes it’s skin-deep, like rolling out a new logo or a bolder mission statement. Other times, it fundamentally changes how a company solves problems and achieves a social impact. In the twelve years since I founded WEGO Health, the process of reinvention has never really stopped. That’s not to say it has always been deliberate and predictable. On the contrary. The “great recession” of 2008 hit us like a freight train before we’d even reached our…

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[PODCAST] Providing a Better Patient Experience in Pharmaceuticals – Health Article

Doug Noland, Head of Patient Experience at Astellas If you’ve listened to our podcast before, you probably know that I love talking to other thought leaders and experts about patient experience. For today’s podcast, I thought I’d take a fun departure from what we usually do and speak to an expert about patient experience in pharmaceuticals. I spoke with Doug Noland, head of Patient Experience for Astellas, about a shift in the landscape with regards to patient experience. There’s a…

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