How to Make Your Period End Faster – Health Article

Reading Time: 8 minutes While going through those 5 tough days of period or your menstrual cycle, at some or other point every other girl and woman wish to end the cycle early in a particular month. The reason can be anything that makes you feel so. Though this is completely a natural process and no interference should be done in it, still at special circumstances you can incorporate certain techniques to make your period end faster. It is really…

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Let’s break the silence and talk about it. – The Health Look – Health Article

Do females have eggs? Have these eggs always been there or have they been produced at some stage in her life or during puberty? How are these eggs related to them bleeding every month throughout the year? Understanding the menstrual cycle can help you to improve your menstrual health. Let’s get all your questions cleared through this basic post  about the reproductive cycle in females. Are you born with eggs? The female reproductive cycle refers to maturation of eggs inside…

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