Paula Cody MD MPH

CBD Oil: What’s all the Rage? – Health Article

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and products made from it, including capsules, sprays, lotions, edibles, and “vapes”, have become immensely popular in just a few years and is now sold and marketed to treat a wide range of diseases. Buying products made from CBD oil became legal in Wisconsin for treatment of seizure disorders in 2014 with Lydia’s Law, which expanded to include any medical condition with note from health provider in 2017, and finally available to general public in 2018. But…

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Child Marriage – Growing Up Healthy – Health Article

After watching the Surviving R Kelly docuseries on Lifetime, I have many questions.  If you haven’t heard about the series, it’s about a successful R&B singer, R. Kelly, and multiple sexual relationships with underage girls.  He even married a teenager (she was 15, he was 27).  How is that legal? It turns out the papers were forged, specifically lying about the teenage girl’s age, but I digress… So even though that marriage was a sham, underage marriage is not new…

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