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THCB Spotlights: Todd Clardy, EVP Marketing at Accolade – Health Article

Health Tech Today on THCB Spotlights, Matthew interviews Todd Clardy who is the EVP of Marketing at Accolade. Accolade is a company well-known for being in employee/patient advocacy. They’ve created an advocacy model that focuses on creating an outstanding member experience and supporting patients through their whole journey, whether it’s an acute or chronic condition or helping people maintain their health and wellness. Where do Amazon, Google and Haven fit into this space? Find out how many people have got…

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Top 3 Tips for Patients Facing a New Diagnosis – Health Article

Facing a new diagnosis may bring fear, anxiety and a search on Dr. Google (only to reveal the worst possible scenarios of course). Fortunately, there are hundreds of patient communities and leaders online ready to embrace and support you as you begin your patient journey. WEGO Health Awards Best Kept Secret Patient Leader, Amber Wallace, is sharing her top 3 tips for new patients to gain control of their situation and make the most of it.   Tip #1 |…

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