A Morning Routine When You’re Short on Time – Health Article

Morning routines are a passion of mine because how we start our day is generally key in how we approach the rest of the day.  If we start it in a positive way that leaves us feeling inspired, motivated and supported we’re more likely to have a better day and handle challenging situations more calmly. I really thrive on having a morning routine, some space at the beginning of the day just for me to help me start the day…

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3 mindsets that are damaging your wellbeing – Health Article

If you find yourself getting frustrated because you keep doing things you know aren’t helpful – like eating loads of crisps when you’re trying to eat healthily – then keep reading! Our mindset is one of the most overlooked elements of our wellbeing. When it comes to our health, changing how we eat and exercise more for example – I believe that our mindset around that is going to have a huge impact on how successful we are. If you…

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How I stopped emotional eating – Health Article

I’ve been thinking about how my relationship with food has changed over the years. I started this blog back in 2010, and since then I’ve completely shifted the way I eat. Before I ‘found healthy living’ I was pretty overweight and stuck in that rut of yoyo dieting where I’d be 100% perfect with my eating but then find myself eating crap and repeating the process. Sound familiar? But perhaps the biggest issue I had was that I was emotionally…

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How to be more consistent with self care & healthy living – Health Article

Whenever I talk to women about wellbeing and being more healthy, something that always comes up is how to be more consistent with self care! If you: Stay really motivated for a couple of weeks but then ‘life happens’ and it all goes to hell (bingeing, not exercising etc) Are fearful of ‘f**king up whenever you’re in a good groove with your wellbeing stuff Are easily thrown off course when you travel / go on holiday / have a family…

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