Midlife & Menopause Moments

Kick constant stress | Health Beat – Health Article

Give yourself grace and the building blocks of healthy living. (For Spectrum Health Beat) An important component of healthy aging in an unhealthy world is the mind-body connection. This world has many stressors. These include money, time, the challenges of aging relatives, wayward or just really busy teenagers, work responsibilities, and relationships. Just seeing the list can cause stress. We know there is a strong connection between the mind and immune system, and between anxiety or depression and overall health.…

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Ladies, cherish your heart | Health Beat – Health Article

Work with a care team to reduce your cardiovascular disease risks. (For Spectrum Health Beat) For many women, cardiovascular disease is personal because they have lost their mom or sister to a heart attack or stroke. They get how heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, and that too many women are robbed of happy years with family and friends. They have experienced firsthand a loss that could have been prevented. Women’s heart disease is more common than…

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