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Souls Wrapped in Skin- Reintroducing New Foods, Dealing with IBS, & Listening to My Body! – Health Article

Hello, beautiful friends! Thank you for all of the love on the new site layout — I am so overjoyed about it. I cannot even handle how much I feel it represents my heart and soul now, and the direction that my brand is moving. If ya couldn’t tell from the branding, I feel the brand (and myself!) moving in a very spiritual, ethereal, calming / zen vibes, soul-level-depth kind of direction. Quite a far cry from the vegan food…

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Sooo I’m about to hit you with a very stream of consciousness brain spill about living with Lyme. I mostly wrote all of this out while sitting in my sauna, furiously typing to get all of my thoughts out while my brain felt like it was functioning properly, amidst all of this insane brain fog (and before my phone overheated in the sauna because that only takes like 25 minutes in 158 degrees!). I want to let you know in…

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Updates, Updates: Becoming My Own Healer & Going Within – Health Article

Hi guys! It’s been a little bit since my last update about taking a little break for my health. I have been doing exactly that, and it has been amazing. I have learned so much from going deep within, and I know I am only just beginning. I wanted to use this space to share my recent experiences going inward & to answer some questions I have been getting about where I am in my healing process, healing modalities I…

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Healing Updates + Waking Back Up to My Soul’s True Nature – Health Article

Hellllooo my loves! Wow, it’s been almost a month since my last blog post. I have been loving micro-blogging on Instagram and basically making every caption a blog post so I guess that’s where I’ve been. 🙂 But I have also been doing deep, deep healing work and I have been feeling like it’s time for a bigger update on my healing journey here. Close to a month ago I decided to start telling myself that not only am I…

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COFFEE ENEMAS! Alllll of the Deets – Health Article

Hi guys!! Thank you for bearing with me with this sporadic posting schedule these days. It’s been so nice to take this downtime to heal and just post when I feel inspired to — and also use Instagram captions to pour my heart out on the daily in mini blog post style. It’s so fun to connect all over the place. Truly. What I’ve realized about myself is that connecting and expressing myself creatively is what I LIVE for… it’s…

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