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How To Make Eating Healthy Food Easier – Natural Health Blog – Health Article

Food is something that our bodies need in order to survive and there is no way around it. Sure you can go for long periods of time without food but you eventually have to eat in order to live. The cleaner we eat the better we feel. If you eat junk food filled with sugar then you are probably overweight and sluggish most of the day. When you eat good healthy food you are able to control your weight and…

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Is Our Collective Poor Health Caused By “Modern Humanity”? – Natural Health Blog – Health Article

7127Views Holistic health care shouldn’t be feared, it should be an obvious choice…or at the very least… …an individual CHOICE! Almost everything in the body relies on some nutrient to maintain balance. For this reason, the repeated mantra of nutritionists revolves around the notion that by eating “well-balanced” meals we can be assured that we are getting a proper balance of nutrients. Well, on the surface this sounds logical, but unfortunately in today’s world this is not the reality. Many have…

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