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5 Ways To Actually Disconnect While On Vacation – Health Article

June 11th, 2019   | by Janet Mesh 5 Ways To Actually Disconnect While On Vacation In this tech-obsessed world, you’re always glued to at least one of your electronic devices. You’re constantly notified of an email, text, call, meeting—the list goes on. Even some fitness trackers now let you know when you’re receiving a phone call. While it’s imperative to stay in the loop during the workweek, you deserve some time to completely disconnect from the constant influx of notifications.…

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The Importance of Building an Online, Personal Brand – Health Article

March 26th, 2019   | by Janet Mesh How To Boost Your Career With An Online, Personal Brand Looking for an edge in a competitive hiring environment? Personal branding is one way to stand out from others.  Now we’re not saying you should design a logo for yourself (although you can). Instead, we’re talking about building name recognition  by establishing credentials as an expert in your field and sharing your expertise with others.   There are a variety of ways to get…

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