our top 10 healing ingredients – Health Article

We all want to eat food that is tasty, nutritious and, most of the time, healthy. Well how about looking at your food not only in terms of being good for you, but also being able to heal you? The following ingredients are all helpful in delivering flavour and enhancing the taste of your dish, but they also boast healing properties that will raise your meal from ordinary to extraordinary. Cinnamon This spice, often associated with Christmas aromas in the…

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Top 10 food ingredients to avoid | Health Beat – Health Article

A quick look at the ingredients will tell you which foods to avoid. If it sounds like a chemistry experiment, steer clear. (For Spectrum Health Beat) Eating healthy has become one of the most confusing and frustrating tasks of 21st century life. Many products are no longer made of actual whole food ingredients. Instead they include chemicals, additives and preservatives, or they’re simply “food-like” products. In some cases whole foods have been processed into added ingredients. How can we ever…

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