Role of Hypnosis in Easy Dieting and Weight Loss – Health Article

Hypnosis is a popular therapy which is commonly used for dealing with several mental health concerns. It takes a person to the state where he or she gets ready to accept suggestions and new belief by eliminating their old belief which is sabotaging their health. Many people believe that hypnosis helps in easy dieting by raising healthy lifestyle habits. Though there is no scientific evidence which can prove hypnosis can alone help in reducing weight drastically but yes when it…

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the power of mind over matter – Health Article

Medical Hypnotherapy: a combination of hypnosis and a psychological treatment which can be used to treat a range of health conditions. The older I get the more I believe in mind over matter. The mind is such a powerful tool which is so often underestimated. We can literally control our body with the power of thought (involving an intricate complex system of nerves and neurotransmitters). We can utilise our brain power for far more than we are aware. The bulk…

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