Menopause and Perimenopause:  An Integrative and Preventive Medicine Approach – Health Article

Menopause is defined as the permanent cessation of periods resulting from the loss of ovarian follicular activity. Menopause is 12 consecutive months with no period, and this is only known with certainty in retrospect.  Perimenopause is the two to eight years preceding menopause and one year following the final menses. Interestingly, we women begin life with all the follicles we will ever have! Throughout our lives, through ovulation and apoptosis (the dying off of cells), we lose follicles. Women experience…

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4 Mushrooms You Need To Know – Health Education Article

When you stop to think about it, mushrooms are remarkable. They’re closer to animals than plants on the tree of life. They can break down plastic and petroleum. The single largest organism on the planet is an underground honey fungus spanning almost 3 miles in the the state of Oregon. They carry messages along their underground fungal networks using neurotransmitters that are very similar to the ones our brains use. They’re a kind of “forest internet” which plants and trees…

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Testing Your Fertility Potential | Women’s Health Associates Kansas CityWomen’s Health Associates – Health Article

Testing Your Fertility Potential May 14, 2019 Most women assume they’ll be able to get pregnant when they’re ready to start a family. But that’s only true for women who have a healthy reproductive system who start trying to get pregnant.  They also have an ample reserve of viable eggs and a whose partner has healthy sexual function and healthy sperm. While younger couples have time on their side, testing fertility potential via AMH testing is a good idea for…

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