Healthcare Hacking Profitability and Prevention – Health Article

May 312019 Healthcare Hacking Profitability and Prevention By Ken Lynch, founder and CEO, Reciprocity Labs. Ken Lynch For decades now, hackers have been cashing in on financial data. The routine has been constant. A hacker finds their way into a site, steals financial information belonging to the site’s visitors then uses their personal information to create fake credit cards. These are then used to steal money from unsuspecting individuals. However, this trend hit a snag once financial institutions found ways of…

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Penalties For Violating HIPAA – Electronic Health Reporter – Health Article

May 242019 Penalties For Violating HIPAA By Ken Lynch, founder and CEO, Reciprocity Labs. Ken Lynch If your organization handles protected health information (PHI) or electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), you should be well aware of the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act known commonly as HIPAA. The HIPAA compliance is regulated by the federal government and failure to comply with it can attract penalties. Additionally, non-compliance may have severe consequences! What are the penalties for HIPAA non-compliance? Congress enacted HIPAA…

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HIPAA RFI Comments: Patient Privacy Rights – Health Article

By ADRIAN GROPPER and DEBORAH C. PEEL Adrian Gropper Deborah C. Peele Among other rich nations, US healthcare stands out as both exceptionally privatized and exceptionally expensive. And taken overall, we have the worst health outcomes among the Western Democracies. On one hand, regulators are reluctant to limit private corporate action lest we reduce innovation and patient choice and promote moral hazards. On the other hand, a privatized marketplace for services requires transparency of costs and quality and a minimum of…

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