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The magical music of Matthew | Health Beat – Health Article

Matthew Madej, 14, suffered complications in utero. He was born with optic nerve damage, leaving him legally blind. He also suffers from cerebral palsy. (Taylor Ballek | Spectrum Health Beat) “I hear notes when I play my piano and I see colors, too,” Matthew said. “I don’t know exactly how I do it, but my brain shows colors.” (Taylor Ballek | Spectrum Health Beat) Matthew loves music. He can play many different instruments, including the piano. He can play a…

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Stay water safe | Health Beat – Health Article

Stay safe on the water with these practical tips aimed at keeping you and yours healthy, happy and well this summer. (For Spectrum Health Beat) Summer is in full splash mode. From squirt guns and sprinklers to home spas, pools, lakes and oceans, water is synonymous with fun. Not to throw water on the party, but let’s talk water safety before you grab the sunscreen. It could save a young life this summer. Erica Michiels, MD, a pediatric emergency physician…

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When every second counts | Health Beat – Health Article

Owen Bartels is a happy baby approaching his first birthday. You wouldn’t know that four days after his birth he was critically ill with failing organs. (Chris Clark | Spectrum Health Beat) No one had an explanation for Owen’s critical illness. His mom, Cerina, had no problems during her full-term pregnancy. ECMO was needed to support his heart and lungs. (Chris Clark | Spectrum Health Beat) “We were crying a lot,” Cerina said. “‘Is he going to make it past…

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