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What to Do if You Think You Have a Mental Health Condition – Health Education Article

We all experience levels of stress, sadness, depression, anxiety and other emotions in our lives. They are part of who we are as human beings and our natural way of responding to situations. But as many as 1 in 5 people are affected by these expected behaviors and responses turning into a mental health condition. The signs of mental illness are not always obvious, and each mental health condition has its own symptoms. It’s important to be able to recognize…

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On Starting A Business + Creating An Inspiring Life: The Real Story (PART 1) – Health Article

This is Part 1 of a full series this month, taking you behind-the-scenes of building and creating a business & doing what you love: the ups, the downs, the tears & the real real. Yes, I tell this story every year, because every year there is more to share and tell and show you, especially for those of you that have dreams of your own business or something like it. Our stories are so important to tell, and are so…

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