Healthcare-related legislation

Senate draft bill promotes exchange of health information – Health Article

Draft legislation released by the Senate health committee for public comment would not only reduce healthcare costs but is also meant to improve patient access to data. Section 501 of the Lower Health Care Costs Act of 2019 includes a requirement to provide patients with health claims, network and cost information to help them make better insurance decisions. According to the Senate committee, the draft bill “expands on the success of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Blue Button…

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Past cyberattacks offer clues to future threats HIT execs may face – Health Article

Recent cybersecurity attacks—how they were executed or thwarted—can provide solid guidance on how to blunt future attacks. Healthcare organizations must understand past cyberattacks to gain knowledge that enables them to move nimbly with tomorrow’s threats, says Ron Mehring, chief information security officer and vice president of technology and security at Texas Health Resources. During an educational session at HIMSS19, Mehring advised attendees to examine how hackers mounted recent attacks elsewhere. There is no time to wait as providers must recognize…

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