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What Healthcare Can Learn from Beauty Brands About Influencer Marketing – Health Article

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in the WEGO Health arsenal. Connecting patient influencers with life sciences companies can drive impressive results, not just in terms of ROI, but in building trust.  Our ability to help our clients successfully navigate the rapidly-changing influencer marketing landscape is made easier by having experts on our team who know the space well. People like Shannon Meskouris, our Patient Leader Network Recruitment Manager.  Before joining WEGO Health, Shannon worked in social media, PR, and…

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9 Marketing Interviews You Can’t Miss – Health Article

Too busy to spend time in a seminar or read articles for hours each night to stay up on healthcare marketing and patient experience trends? We’ve got you covered.  These 9 healthcare podcasts are the perfect way to absorb valuable information during your commute to work or on an evening run. We’ve sorted them into topical categories to save you even more time. Now without further ado, the 9 can’t-miss healthcare podcasts: Healthcare Podcasts on Patient Perspectives Sometimes, patients know…

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“The Community Already Knows Us!” – Health Article

Occasionally, I hear from a doctor or healthcare executive, “We don’t need a lot of marketing. Everyone in the community already knows us.” To that, I have to say: “Are you sure?” Remember, you spend a lot of time with your own brand, and it’s easy to forget that very few people have even a fraction of the interaction you do. Healthcare branding is how top hospitals, groups, and practices stay top of mind to their key demographics—whether they need…

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Healthcare “News You Can Use”: A Guide for Newsjacking – Health Article

The first thing I do when I see healthcare news that interests me or scares me (or both) is go online and try to find more information. It’s a common modern reaction to search for a meaningful explanation of a new treatment or resurgent disease. And hopefully I can find more than a few comments on Facebook or a “hot take” with no supporting research or expertise. Healthcare organizations, health systems, and hospitals have the opportunity to leverage trending news…

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A Better Healthcare Product: Your Best Marketing Strategy – Health Article

Home » Blog » Healthcare Marketing » The Best Healthcare Marketing Starts with Improving Your Product Offering You and your staff know exactly why patients should choose your practice or hospital. You’ve probably got a great team and impressive expertise. And you truly care about the needs of your patients. But is this enough to keep patients coming back? Lately, other healthcare organizations have been improving their products and services in ways that go above and beyond the standard set…

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Healthcare Mail: Why Direct Mail Is NOT Dead – Health Article

Direct mail is not dead. At a time when email inboxes are overflowing, how else can you reach prospective patients in your area without overwhelming them? In fact, a piece of healthcare-related mail can be a nice break from the screen, a physical reminder that a local specialist, practice, or hospital is here to offer care whenever you need it. We’ve got 5 fantastic reasons to mail to your community in today’s guide. Healthcare mail guidelines to keep in mind…

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How to Set Up Your Healthcare Social Media Profiles for Success – Health Article

In a recent study, 90% of older adult internet users said they’ve used social media to find or share health information. Undoubtedly, social media is a major part of many people’s lives. And if you’re in the business of healthcare, social media may help increase brand loyalty and boost your reputation. You just may need a little help getting started setting up and maintaining your healthcare social media account. But first, make sure you know what you’re getting into… Healthcare…

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Free Healthcare Marketing: 7 Opportunities to Save – Health Article

Home » Blog » Doctor Marketing » Don’t Miss These 7 Free (Or Cheap) Healthcare Marketing Opportunities Securing the growth of any healthcare business requires a thorough plan and budget for your marketing. But we get it—many doctors, administrators, and executives are also searching for free, simple ways to reach a local audience. Many of these free healthcare marketing opportunities will require time and commitment, but most are simply good business practice. Remember, healthcare is a business like any other,…

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Avoid Unintended Consequences in Healthcare – Health Article

Home » Blog » Interviews » Killing Cats Leads to Rats: How Healthcare Can Avoid Unintended Consequences Recently, I had the opportunity to see Richard Franzi, author of Killing Cats Leads to Rats, speak about his book. Essentially, the topic is the unintended consequences of our decisions. And in terms of healthcare, there are unintended consequences all over the place. You can learn strategies to avoid unintended consequences in healthcare organizations from our podcast interview below, or keep reading for…

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