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Patient Leaders are Solidly Behind Drug Price Transparency – Health Article

With consumers feeling the pinch of healthcare costs more intensely than ever, the debate over cost transparency is only getting more heated. Nobody is feeling that heat more than pharma. Prescription drugs are an ever-increasing share of our out-of-pocket medical costs. And by all accounts, it’s going to get worse. The CMS Office of the Actuary estimates that prescription drug spending is going to grow faster than all other major sectors of health care, averaging 6.3 percent for 2017-2026. That’s…

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It’s Time to Make a Bigger Dent: WEGO Health’s Reinvention – Health Article

Every company reinvents itself. Sometimes it’s skin-deep, like rolling out a new logo or a bolder mission statement. Other times, it fundamentally changes how a company solves problems and achieves a social impact. In the twelve years since I founded WEGO Health, the process of reinvention has never really stopped. That’s not to say it has always been deliberate and predictable. On the contrary. The “great recession” of 2008 hit us like a freight train before we’d even reached our…

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