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Health Matters: Looking ahead to the health of future generations – Health Article

There are many reasons why taking a life course approach to health is important. It’s hard to imagine that we haven’t always known some of the things that we’ve learnt through the power of life course research. For example, just how formative the early years are for laying the foundations for our future health and wellbeing. That there are cycles of disadvantage that cascade across generations. That when health problems occur together, they often have common roots and risk factors.…

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Health Matters: Prevention – A Life Course Approach – Health Article

The latest edition of Health Matters, PHE’s professional resource, focuses on taking a life course approach to the prevention of ill health and explores the evidence base for this approach. The resource signposts to evidence-based interventions and tools, as well as to evaluation and monitoring techniques. This blog provides a summary of the full edition’s content. What is a life course approach? A person’s physical and mental health and wellbeing are influenced throughout life by the wider determinants of health,…

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