No More War (Words)! – wehearthealthliteracy – Health Article

Alt: A doctor doodle says, “You’re in for a long battle against athlete’s foot. But you’re a fighter! You’ll win this war!” A patient doodle frowns, imagining a tiny version of himself fighting a giant foot with a sword. Chances are you’ve heard of the “war on cancer.” Maybe you’ve written about someone who “beat” their disease—or “lost the battle.” Doctors, patients, and health writers use militaristic language all the time. But today, dear readers, we’re calling for a ceasefire…

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Things We Don’t ❤: Scary Words for Moms and Babies – wehearthealthliteracy – Health Article

Alt: A mom doodle with a baby and a “Geriatric” sign around her neck says, “What the dangin’ heck? I’m only 36!” The baby doodle wears a sign that reads, “Failure to thrive.” The baby’s thinking, “…and I prefer ‘petite’ thank you very much!” Picture this: you’re 36 years old, you’re pregnant, and you’ve already got plenty of things to worry about. Will your future child get into a good college? Require expensive orthodontia? Fall in with a bad crowd…

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The Days of Numbers in Qualitative Research Are… Numbered – Health Article

Alt: Several doodles with cat head, phones in hand, stand below text reading: “Most participants said they liked the new cat head management app’s interface.” One remarks, “That’s some smoooooth UX!” Another says, “Wow, this is hecka intuitive!” A final doodle with an angry looking cat laments, “Whyyy did I updaaaate?!” We’ve written in the past about banishing some words (POBAs, to be specific) from your research reports. Today, we’re continuing the theme of word choice in research writing. Have…

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Health Lit Lessons from Game of Thrones: Delete the Coffee Cup – Health Article

Alt: A group of Game of Thrones doodles stand huddled around a set of instructions for slaying White Walkers. The instructions have placeholder text, outdated information, a missing image, and the useful information in the wrong spot. A note at the bottom reads, “This is wrong! -Ed.” If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you may have followed the gripping drama of the takeout coffee cup that appeared in a recent episode of the fantasy TV series. And if one anachronistic…

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Elderspeak – wehearthealthliteracy – Medium – Health Article

Alt: A doodle with baby doodle in tow pinches the cheeks of an older adult doodle, saying “Who’s my faaaaaaavouwit peppep?”—and a bunch of other baby talk babble. Here at We ❤ Health Literacy Headquarters, we value health communication that shows respect for the audience—that goes for written materials and face-to-face conversations. So today, we’re offering tips to help you avoid a communication style that’s the opposite of respectful: elderspeak. Elderspeak is an all-too-common, patronizing way of speaking to older adults.…

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The Choice Is All Yours – wehearthealthliteracy – Medium – Health Article

Alt: A doodle holding an empty seltzer can laments, “What the heck do I do with this empty can do I throw it away or eat it or make a space ship out of it is it my pet now do I teach it language I’m not ready to be a parent how do I pay for their college somebody help I need an adult this can is my nightmare yet I am still awake when will it stop please…

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Harm Reduction – wehearthealthliteracy – Medium – Health Article

Alt: A doodle passes their keys to another doodle saying, “You know how I get on bottomless soda night!” A safari doodle watches, exclaiming, “Behold the mighty key holder, or ‘Harmus Reductus’…” We’ve written a lot in the past about behavior change theories, like Planned Behavior and the Stages of Change. We’ve talked about how behaviors are shaped by the social and physical environments we’re exposed to. And we know that people sometimes have good reasons for doing things that…

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