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HIPAA RFI Comments: Patient Privacy Rights – Health Article

By ADRIAN GROPPER and DEBORAH C. PEEL Adrian Gropper Deborah C. Peele Among other rich nations, US healthcare stands out as both exceptionally privatized and exceptionally expensive. And taken overall, we have the worst health outcomes among the Western Democracies. On one hand, regulators are reluctant to limit private corporate action lest we reduce innovation and patient choice and promote moral hazards. On the other hand, a privatized marketplace for services requires transparency of costs and quality and a minimum of…

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Blockchain pilots expected to show results in specific use cases – Health Article

Several pilot projects using blockchain technology in healthcare are expected to wrap up in 2019, expected to show demonstrable results in commonsense use cases. Those demonstration projects could prove the value of the technology to the healthcare industry is solving vexing information coordination problems, such as ascertaining the accuracy of data in provider directories and facilitating provider credentialing, says David Houlding, principal healthcare lead for Microsoft. Speaking at a blockchain symposium Monday at the annual conference of the Healthcare Information…

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