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What Are Hypoallergenic Supplements? Here’s What You Need to Know! – Health Article

Learn how hypoallergenic supplements may help people sensitive to allergens. Many of us struggle with seasonal allergies and sinus issues in the spring; however, these struggles are different than having an allergic disease. Allergic diseases are on the rise and stem from an unfavorable, allergen-induced immune-response which can be serious and even life threatening. These allergic diseases include asthma, food allergies, eczema, and hay fever. May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness month. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation…

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Essential Ear Health Tips for Kids – Health Article

Learn how to maintain your child’s ear health. Whether your child is prone to ear infections or not, understanding and caring for your child’s ears is part of being a parent. Ear infections can pop up at any time, and sometimes go unnoticed until the middle of the night, when your child wakes in pain. Additionally, kids have sensitive ears, making travel and loud concerts a more intense experience for families. Keep reading to learn more about ear health and…

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What’s Toxic and What’s Safe for My Pets? – Health Article

Learn which indoor plants may be toxic to your pets. During spring and summer months, seasonal indoor plants become staple additions to homes across the nation. From hardy spider plants and palms to decorative flowers, succulents and cacti – there are so many species, colors and textures to choose from. But what if you have pets? Unfortunately, many houseplants are actually toxic to dogs and cats when ingested, and curiosity is hard to control when your pet likes to climb,…

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