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High Blood Pressure Symptoms: Knowing the ‘Silent Killer’ – Health Education Article

Living a busy life? Dealing with stress regularly? Eating out a lot? Not getting the chance to work out? Well, you must know about the silent killer then. No, we are not talking about a gangster here. The silent killer is your High Blood Pressure. The worrying misconception about High Blood Pressure is that it doesn’t make you feel ‘sick’. High Blood pressure symptoms are not remarkably noticeable.In this article, we will give you comprehensive information about some common high…

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Green Coffee Benefits | Green Coffee For Weight Loss – Health Education Article

You must have heard about the green coffee benefits in context of weight loss. Green coffee is the most trending supplement these days. Unlike regular coffee, green coffee is the raw or unroasted form of coffee beans. The extracts of green coffee beans are loaded with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. The antioxidants in green coffee are really helpful in curing several health problems. Green Coffee is the host of health benefits and contains very less percentage of caffeine. The flavor…

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Schizophrenia Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment – Health Education Article

Are you hearing voices even when you are all alone? Are your thoughts out of your control? Do you think your reality is distorted? If Yes, this is a cause of concern. There is a chance that you may be schizophrenic. In this article, we shall be discussing – schizophrenia meaning, schizophrenia symptoms, types, causes, and treatment. Crazy, mad, insane- these are the names which misrepresent those who suffer from mental illnesses. If you are diagnosed with cancer or some…

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