Souls Wrapped in Skin- Reintroducing New Foods, Dealing with IBS, & Listening to My Body! – Health Article

Hello, beautiful friends! Thank you for all of the love on the new site layout — I am so overjoyed about it. I cannot even handle how much I feel it represents my heart and soul now, and the direction that my brand is moving. If ya couldn’t tell from the branding, I feel the brand (and myself!) moving in a very spiritual, ethereal, calming / zen vibes, soul-level-depth kind of direction. Quite a far cry from the vegan food…

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7 Signs That Your Gut Needs Holistic Healing – Health Article

The human microbiome is incredibly complex, considering the fact that it comprises of hundreds of different species of bacteria. On average, 300 to 500 diverse bacterial species reside inside the human digestive tract. While some are detrimental for health, others play a supportive role. All in all, these microorganisms, when present in the right balance, retain the health of the gut. It is to be noted that gut health is directly linked with improved immunity, mental health, endocrine health, skin…

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