Personal Purpose and Power – Health Article

When you declare your independence from any person or any thing, recognize that doing so is a beginning and not an end. It is not a one-time decision; rather it is a commitment that will require daily — and sometimes moment-to-moment — recommitment. It is a powerful statement of determined intent and not a guarantee of outcome. In order to be successful at declaring your independence from something, you must be willing to challenge your self-defeating, self-flagellating, and self-hateful, beliefs…

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HealthPopuli.com – Health Article

There are many forms of magic inspired by Disney, the company. There’s the obvious attraction, the Magic Kingdom, that was Walt’s original destination vision, “imagineered” in 1932. Then there are other kinds of magic. The one I’m deep into in the moment is inspiration, ideation, and “reimagineering” my own thinking about work, legacy, and social justice. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to spend much of this week at the inaugural Disney Institute Women’s Leadership Summit. The Institute convened…

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12 Tips for a Happier Home, Adapted from Nursery School – Health Article

Last updated: 24 May 2019   ~ 2 min read One of my resolutions is to Treat myself like a toddler. I’ve found that much of the advice aimed at children is just as helpful for me. For instance, I’m reading Nicole Malenfant’s Routines and Transitions: A Guide for Early Childhood Professionals (non sequitur:  a surprising name for a childhood expert). She lays out several strategies for teachers to use in establishing routines and transitions for children. I’m going to…

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8 ways walking can help depression and anxiety – the psychotherapist’s guide – Health Article

Feeling stressed or anxious? Psychotherapist Jonathan Hoban, author of Walk with Your Wolf, reveals how walking can help you feel happier, calmer and less stressed It’s a Wednesday morning and I’m walking through one of London’s green spaces. As the warmth of the sun hits my face, accompanied by a cold wind, I feel alive again and connected to my environment. And for now, even though I know I have an intense and busy few hours ahead, I couldn’t feel…

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