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Experiencing Hair Loss? Here’s Why You Need to Break Free from Stress – Health Article

Stress is undeniably unavoidable. Even the happiest and positive people on earth get stressed out from time to time. Our lives are filled with demands that may put us under pressure, and for some people, stress really gets them. There are a lot of negative effects of stress in our body, which includes hair loss. Physical and emotional stress can slow down our hair’s normal growth cycle. It pushes the hair follicles to stop producing new hair, and eventually, the…

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NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Give up on your Hair! – The Health Look – Health Article

There are so many hair supplements out there in the market which claim to reduce hair loss, prevent frizz, increase your hair growth, volume and so on. It gets really confusing as to which ones to try out and how to pick the perfect ones for your hair problems. Well worry not, OUAI Haircare has made it extremely simple to pick a vitamin supplement for your hair needs. They have 3 types of supplements depending on your hair issues: Dry,…

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