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5 Herbal Teas to Relax Aches, Soothe Pains, and Improve Health – Health Article

The modern lifestyle has people constantly shuffling and hustling in pursuit of the next goal or milestone. That kind of pace and activity takes its toll on your body, so it’s important that you get all the health boosts you need, even if it requires taking herbal teas to relax aches or soothe pains.   Herbal teas are perfect for those who are always on the go, providing convenient health boosts and relieving aching muscles and tired bodies. That’s why…

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6 power health benefits of drinking lemon water [that works] – Health Article

Are you still doubting the “health benefits of drinking lemon water”? then this is just for you. In this world full of toxins and disease, some of us hate to have anything that is not organic. We even try to be cured by the home remedies instead of going to a doctor, which is both, right and wrong. I understand how you like things natural but sometimes you cannot handle everything on your own and you have to visit a…

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Top 7 Natural Probiotics You Should Include in Your Diet – Health Article

  Did you know that those little critters in your gut affect your general health-mental, emotional and physical? These microorganisms residing in your intestinal tract have a direct influence on your energy level, body weight and even in nutrient absorption. This is the reason why foods with probiotics are highly valuable. What Exactly are Probiotics? Probiotics are the beneficial type of gut bacteria that stimulate the production of digestive enzymes to maintain proper function of digestive organs. There are different…

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The Humility of Expertise – Health Article

Ed note: Today we welcome Junaid Nabi back to the blog. For more about Junaid, please see the bottom of this post. Photo by Margarida CSilva   The following is adapted from a speech that was delivered as one of the Undaunted talks at the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival. In the Spring of 2013, on a warm, sunny afternoon, I was working in a government hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a Fellow in a foreign-exchange physician program, I was training to…

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30 Keto Recipes Ready In Under 30 Minutes – Health Education Article

Thanks to Courtney Hamilton at for today’s recipe. Have food ready and on the table in under half an hour with these keto-friendly weekday meals! One of the hardest parts about sticking to any diet is the amount of time you have to dedicate to preparing food. Gone are the days when you could run through the drive-thru on a particularly crazy day—at least, not without ketosis-wrecking consequences. The next time you’re in a pinch, forget the fast food…

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Guest Post: How climate action can save global health – Health Article

By Junaid Nabi, MD, MPH, is a Research Associate in Surgery at Harvard Medical School, Boston (Twitter: @JunaidNabiMD). Thilmeeza Hussain is a former deputy ambassador of the Maldives to the United Nations (@Thilmeeza). Abhilasha Karkey, MD, DPhil, is a medical microbiologist at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Kathmandu, Nepal (@abhilashakarkey). They are 2018 New Voices Fellows at the Aspen Institute, Washington, D.C. Each one of us grew up in a region that is surrounded by such beauty that…

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6 healthy Snacks for Diabetes and How to prepare them – Health Article

Have you been thinking about the best snacks for diabetes? You need to read this.  Diabetes happens to be one of the commonest diseases worldwide. Getting diagnosed with Diabetes can be a life-changing event for anyone.    So what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of Diabetes? Eating very little or no sugar for the rest of your lives? Having to contend with bland food because you cannot be eating what everyone else eats? Not really.…

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Calories In Steak: Is Beef Good For Health? – Health Article

Weightlifters and gourmands alike swear by steak as one of the best meats in the world. Bodybuilders love steak for its rich iron content and high protein density, which stimulates muscle growth and strength after an intense workout. Food aficionados, of course, love steak for its delicious flavor and the many ways it can be prepared. But how many calories are in steak? If there’s a high amount of calories in steak, does that mean it’s bad for wellness? What…

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