Why recent affiliations raise questions about use of data and HIPAA’s role – Health Article

Privacy of health information is receiving a significant spotlight as a result of big technology companies moving into the healthcare industry. While Amazon and Microsoft seem to slip past many headlines, Google is not in the same boat. Various arrangements between Google and systems including the Mayo Clinic, the University of Chicago and Ascension Health draw concern and fears of Google just taking multitudes of personal information about thousands or millions of individuals. Is the use and obtaining of data…

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Health Care Renewal: Google’s ‘Project Nightingale’ Secretly Gathers Personal Health Data on Millions of Americans – Health Article

I have long written that leadership of EMR technology by the wrong people will create exceptionally adverse outcomes, clinically speaking.  The same appears true socially.  In fact, adverse social outcomes (especially with regard to societal power structures) is one of the pillars of the domain of Social Informatics, the field that studies social impacts of new information & communication technologies (ICTs), about which I’ve taught and written.  (See Now there’s this stunning new story regarding clinical data trafficking.  Original…

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