Grilled Mediterranean Zucchini Boats • Healthy Helper – Health Article

Summertime means it’s grilling season! Fire up the grill and escape to a mediterranean oasis with these Grilled Mediterranean Zucchini Boats. Stuffed with hummus, olives, roasted tomatoes, and cedar plank salmon….they are a taste and texture delight! By posting this recipe, I am entering a recipe contest put on by Cedar Bay Grilling Company. As you know, I am a seafood lover. I often say that I’ve never met a type of seafood that I don’t like. And I’m not…

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19 Nut-Free Bites and Balls [healthy + delicious] • Healthy Helper – Health Article

A roundup of nut-free bites and balls that are allergy-friendly and perfect for snacking on! Pop any of these delicious treats into your mouth for sweet satisfaction without worrying about nuts.  In a world where nut-allergies are on the rise (in children AND adults), it can be hard to find delicious, homemade snack options that don’t include nuts. Especially when it comes to the ever-so-popular bites and balls. Usually based from dried fruit and nuts, these bites of delight are…

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Pastelón – Cook For Your Life – Health Article

Pastelón this healthier version cuts the fat but keeps the flavor Servings: 12 Prep time: 20 Total time: 60 minutes Cuisine: Latino, Healthy Latino This delicious Pastelón is a total crowd-pleaser. It is a healthier version of the traditional Latino Holiday classic and cuts the fat but keeps the flavor. This version uses homemade sofrito to build amazing flavor, while raisins and alcaparrado give it a deliciously sweet and salty tang. Instead of the usual beef, we’ve used ground turkey.…

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Oil-Free Vegan Lentil Falafel [gluten-free] – Health Article

Perfectly spiced lentil patties that are baked instead of deep-fried! This healthy, vegan alternative to traditional falafel is full of plant-based protein and FLAVOR. A traditional middle-eastern favorite with a delicious modern twist! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been ALL about the savory foods lately. Sure, I still eat mostly sweet stuff for breakfast and snacks throughout the day…but for some reason, when it comes to snacks and meals, all I’ve wanted is food that’s savory,…

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Healthy Vegan Reese’s Bites [gluten-free + no added sugar] • Healthy Helper – Health Article

Chocolate peanut butter bites with the creamy, richness of a truffle and the wholesomeness of a healthy homemade treat. Filled with healthy fats, whole grains, and natural sugars, these Reese’s Bites will be your new favorite way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Vegan, gluten-free, and absolutely delicious! February is flying by and that means we are onto Month 2 of the Aloha Healthy initiative with Tops Markets! Last month was all about organics…with my delicious (FULLY ORGANIC) recipe for Sweet…

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