Christmas gifts that don’t spoil us rotten – Health Article

Christmas is coming once again and, those of us who are fortunate enough, end up receiving and giving far more than we probably ought to. Not just on a sustainable, environmental level but on the note of “spoiling ourselves rotten”. When it comes to the children, we don’t want them to grow up having no concept of the value of money but rather to respect it, understand where it comes from and recognise that there’s not enough to go around…

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42 healthy gifts to buy this Christmas – Health Article

The Healthista Xmas gift guide is here and boy is it exciting. From smart watches to bath oils, here are a whopping 42 healthy gifts your friends, family (and you) will love this Christmas We are moments away from the first day of December and less than a month away from Christmas. But not to worry, everyone can step away from their Xmas shopping panic stations pronto. Healthista are here to save the day with Christmas gifts that will make…

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Holiday Shopping Tips: Happy Kids and Healthy Brains – Health Article

Holiday shopping is once again upon us—as your kids make their lists and write their letters to Santa, could the type of gifts they receive affect their brain development, not to mention how home life will be for everyone in the months ahead? “Yes”, says Dr. Marcia Slattery, UW Health Professor of Child/Adolescent Psychiatry and Pediatrics. “A child’s brain goes through massive developmental changes throughout childhood and adolescence, and the type and variety of experiences a child has can influence…

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