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Peptide Therapy for Cellular Repair and Regeneration – Health Article

Peptide therapy is a newly developed medical treatment that has gained new heights in Precision and Functional Medicine for its efficacy, safety and ease of use. These small proteins, or “peptides” are made of a certain sequence of amino acids. Peptides signal the different body organs and tissues to manufacture and release hormones and different substances that are used to induce certain biochemical reactions and changes leading to new cell formation, changes in action or reaction optimizing and augmenting cellular…

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4 Lab Tests to Assess Your TRUE Cardiovascular Risk – Health Article

This 3-part series will delve deeper into your true health – starting with your heart health. Your current blood tests may not be enough to give an accurate picture of your true health- especially when it comes to cardiovascular health and your risks for a cardiac event or chronic disease. Cardiovascular disease is STILL the leading cause of death in men and women.  Unfortunately many adults undergo their yearly health exam with labs revealing a “normal” lipid panel.  They leave…

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