fourth trimester

The Top 5 Styles of Carriers for Baby Wearing – Health Article

Baby carriers are a great way to keep your little one close to you. In my opinion, the closeness of carrying your baby is about as near as you can get to the feeling of having your baby inside the womb. There’s something about the closeness of baby wearing that I just love. I’ve always enjoyed “wearing” my babies, especially as a welcome part of the “Fourth Trimester”. If you’re interested in wearing your baby, then you might feel confused…

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Is It Normal? Postpartum Edition – Health Article

If you thought pregnancy was riddled with questions about what’s normal and what’s not, just wait until after you give birth! There are some common things women experience after the birth of their sweet babies, but which of them are normal postpartum and which are not? Prolonged Bleeding All women go through a period of postpartum bleeding once their new baby arrives. Usually, women will have somewhat heaving bleeding for the first few days, then it tapers off from a…

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