Forest Bathing

Healing Updates + Waking Back Up to My Soul’s True Nature – Health Article

Hellllooo my loves! Wow, it’s been almost a month since my last blog post. I have been loving micro-blogging on Instagram and basically making every caption a blog post so I guess that’s where I’ve been. ???? But I have also been doing deep, deep healing work and I have been feeling like it’s time for a bigger update on my healing journey here. Close to a month ago I decided to start telling myself that not only am I…

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8 ways walking can help depression and anxiety – the psychotherapist’s guide – Health Article

Feeling stressed or anxious? Psychotherapist Jonathan Hoban, author of Walk with Your Wolf, reveals how walking can help you feel happier, calmer and less stressed It’s a Wednesday morning and I’m walking through one of London’s green spaces. As the warmth of the sun hits my face, accompanied by a cold wind, I feel alive again and connected to my environment. And for now, even though I know I have an intense and busy few hours ahead, I couldn’t feel…

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