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Preparing for Pregnancy | Women’s Health Associates Kansas CityWomen’s Health Associates – Health Article

Preparing for Pregnancy April 7, 2019 Are you thinking about having a baby?  If so, you’ve probably got a lot of exciting thoughts running through your mind.  You might be making lists of baby names or picking out colors for the nursery.  You might also be thinking about health changes you’ll make when you’re pregnant.  Pregnancy is a special experience in a woman’s life, and many women know they should take extra good care of their health while they’re pregnant.…

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Folic Acid Supplement in Pregnancy – wiki Health News – Health Article

 Folic acid for Pregnancy Why nutrition during pregnancy is important? Nutrition during pregnancy is important for healthy growth of the fetus and maternal health.This is ultimately important for a safe delivery.Food during pregnancy should contain vitamins and minerals including folic acid and calcium. Total energy requirement also increases in pregnancy.If extra amount of calories with vitamins and minerals are not provided in a balanced ratio then mother and baby health may be affected in a serious manner. How nutrition in…

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