Blain Newton on HIMSS Analytics’ New Direction – Health Article

Blain Newton, Executive VP, HIMSS Analytics It was time for a change. The EMR Adoption Model that had long been the gold standard for measuring utilization was in need of a revamp to more accurately reflect where health systems are in their digitization journeys, and where they need to be. And so, HIMSS Analytics took a close look at the criteria and made several adjustments, while also adding models focused on other critical areas such as infrastructure, mobility, and collaboration.…

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Erik Decker on Cybersecurity as a Shared Responsibility – Health Article

Erik Decker, Chief Security and Privacy Officer, University of Chicago Medicine A few weeks ago, HHS released the Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP): Managing Threats and Protecting Patients, a set of guidelines designed to help organizations of all types and sizes more effectively safeguard data. Though it was developed in response to a mandate set forth by the Cybersecurity Act of 2015 Section 405(d), the document that was born out of a two-year effort from more than 150 cybersecurity and…

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10 DO’s and DON’Ts for Weekend Romance – Health Article

Did you know that couples who have sex on a weekly basis are the happiest? You might be under stress or too busy during the working week, but once the weekend comes, it is time to think about romance. Whether you are in a long-term relationship or you just met someone new, why not consider spending the weekend together? It is the perfect way to boost your bond and have a great time together. There are plenty of attractive options when…

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Healthy thing to do if you must get rid of Weak Ejaculation – Health Article

In this article, I will be disclosing several healthy ways and things to do to get rid of weak ejaculation (that is if you are already having this problem) or how to prevent it and keep enjoying your moments. Most times even having a hard dick cannot mean you aren’t having a weak ejaculation. Before we dive deep into it, remember that this had to do with procreation and most times have cost people their marriage. It is time you stop…

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Chuck Christian on Privacy – Health Article

Chuck Christian, VP, Technology & Engagement, Indiana Health Information Exchange I don’t seem to be able to get through a morning’s reading without seeing one or more instance of a data breach; information being either locked up by ransomware or removed/copied by the thousands and sometimes, tens of thousands of records. Having spent a good portion of my career with one area of my responsibilities being that of the security officer for the various organizations I’ve served, it concerns me…

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John Mason on Selling to CIOs – Health Article

John T. Mason, SVP & CIO, Quorum Health A couple of years ago, I wrote a post entitled “So You Want To Sell To The CIO?” and it turned out to be one of the most read, and commented articles I have written. Two years on, the same rules still apply; hopefully this was informative and helped a few folks who are in the business of selling new opportunities. Because of the interest in that article, and the annual HIMSS…

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