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A Love of Community and Concern for Others – Q&A with Dr. Barrow – Health Article

Brian Barrow, MD, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Transylvania Women’s Care in Brevard, grew up in the Florida panhandle, which would shape his love for community and concern for others. We sat down with Dr. Barrow and discussed his passion for medicine and helping others, as well as his thoughts on serving the Brevard community. What drew you to practice medicine in a more rural setting? “I grew up in a very small, rural town in the Florida panhandle. There was only…

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Providing Care Close to Home – Franklin Seizure Clinic – Health Article

Mission Health’s Angel Seizure Clinic is truly a gift for people who have seizures and live in the more remote areas of western North Carolina. One such resident is Cynthia Clark of Franklin. “Having the clinic closer to where I live is awesome,” said Clark. “It’s easier to make earlier appointments, and we don’t have to drive almost two hours for a doctor’s visit.” Going to the Patients Previously, the only place where people with epilepsy and seizures could see…

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