Work wellness visits into your end of summer plans – Health Article

It won’t be long before your calendar is filled with haircut appointments and shopping for school supplies. Why not take control of your family’s health now before the busy school year begins? Make an appointment for a well-care visit with your provider this summer and get the preventive care, recommended screenings, and immunizations you and your family need to stay healthy and strong. Preventive care is one of the most important things you can do for your family and yourself…

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5 ways to help kids overcome fear of doctors – Health Article

Visiting the doctor can be scary for young children, but Kaiser Permanente of Washington’s Teddy Bear Clinics are a “warm and fuzzy” way to overcome fears and put kids at ease. How Teddy Bear Clinics work At Teddy Bear Clinics, children bring a teddy bear from home—or receive a new teddy bear at the event. With the help of a Kaiser Permanente provider, they perform hands-on wellness exams on their teddy bears, using medical equipment and supplies such as stethoscopes…

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