As employers attempt to contain health insurance costs, workers and families struggle too – Health Article

Photo: Pictures of Money via Flickr One of the largest and most important parts of our health care system is the role employers play in providing health insurance coverage for workers, retirees, and family members. U.S. employers cover 55.1% of Americans who have health insurance, according to a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau. By providing health insurance for more than half of all Americans, employers pay for the biggest share of health coverage in the United States. (We…

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HealthPopuli.com – Health Article

Ten years ago, two brothers, physicians both, started up a telemedicine company called American Well. They launched their service first in Hawaii, where long distances and remote island living challenged the supply and demand sides of health care providers and patients alike. It’s ten years later, and I sat down for a “what’s new?” chat with Roy Schoenberg, American Well President and CEO. In full transparency,  I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to meet with Roy (or very occasionally Ido,…

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