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6 Months Post Relaxer Rant – Rehairducation – Health Education Article

  Hi ladies, Its been a little while since my last hair update.  Somehow, I’ve found myself at 6 months post relaxer again despite saying over and over that stretching this long probably isn’t the best for my hair.  Unfortunately, my schedule meant I kept pushing it further and further back.  However going forward, I am determined to reduce the length of my stretch to 4 months…..okay maybe 5 months I wanted to share pictures of my hair at this…

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Which is best for drying your hair – Rehairducation – Health Education Article

Hello ladies I decided to write this post after making a hair care related purchase which turned out to be bad for my hair.  The purchase I made was a microfibre towel and in this post I will discuss why we should not use a regular towel to dry our hair, safer alternatives and I will share  loads of microscopic images to back up the facts in this post.   Using Regular Towels on Hair Prior to my hair journey,…

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Essential Oils Revisited – Rehairducation – Health Education Article

Essential Oils are extracted from plants and tend to be highly concentrated, have a strong scent and are volatile (evaporate very quickly).They are so potent they must not be used directly, they must be added to a carrier oil before use.  “Normal” oils such as olive, coconut, avocado, grapeseed, almond, jojoba, Castor, etc are called carrier oils because they are ideal for “carrying” (being mixed with) essential oils. Whilst carrier oils are great for sealing, act as great lubricants for…

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Texlax Update and Length Check – Rehairducation – Health Education Article

Hey ladies, This is a quick quick post to share my texlax update, some surprising observations about the final month of my stretch, the actual length of my hair in inches and yup…a couple of pictures too. The 7th Month and Texlax DayYou may have read my 6 months rant in which I talked about how much work stretching my relaxer interval to 6 months was.  To my utter surprise, month 7 was a breeze and I don’t know why. …

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The Healthy Hair Trinity – Genetics – Rehairducation – Health Education Article

Hello ladies, Happy new year!!!I hope you are happy and thriving wherever you are. Hairducation is focused mainly on hair care, however hair care is just one of the aspects that is important to have a healthy head of hair.  I’ve come to realise that so many ladies believe that hair care alone matters when on a hair journey and although hair care is ESSENTIAL, there are other factors which will determine the state of your hair…

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Growth, Retention and Internal Factors – Rehairducation – Health Education Article

  Hair growth and hair retention are two different things.There is still so much confusion out there because many ladies still do not understand the difference between growth and retention and why BOTH are important.  Until we are able to understand the difference between growth and retention, many ladies will continue to fall prey to products claiming they will help you grow an inch a week or magic hair growth scarves that grow your hair as you sleep. It is…

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The Healthy Hair Trinity – External Factors – Rehairducation – Health Education Article

  January 2010, September 2010 and December 2010 This post is the last of the Healthy Hair Trinity series and I have been looking forward to putting this up because out of the three factors that have an impact on the state of our hair, external factors are the ones we have the most control over. I have been involved in the hair care world for almost a decade now and having spoken to hundreds of ladies about their hair,…

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